Mark McKenzie (saxophones) has been playing saxophone since age 11, and has been active since the mid-1990s in various local groups. In addition to leading his own jazz quartet, he currently plays in the Diplomats of Swing Orchestra, the rock and soul cover band Bump City, and the Wilshire Wind Symphony. He previously had an 11-year stint with the Dallas Christian Jazz Band and played with the jazz/pop group Janet Davis & The Velvet Living Room. He traces his serious interest in jazz to 1986, when he saw a Sting concert featuring saxophonist Branford Marsalis: “I started checking out Branford’s records, and that led me to Coltrane, Sonny Rollins and others.” In recent years, Mark has intensified his focus on the art of jazz improvisation.

George Gagliardi (guitar, piano) has spent his entire adult life as a working musician. In addition to Nashville and Los Angeles studio work, he has performed in most every type of setting — with bands big and small, vocalists of all styles, church groups, and even improv comedy groups. He has written over 700 songs, and his longtime collaboration with singer Cynthia Clawson has yielded Grammy and Dove award nominations. George's playing and music direction have graced Dallas theater stages for years, and he also teaches music privately and in public schools. In addition to the MMQ, he plays in the Singapore Slingers and frequently subs in other local bands. Visit George's website.

Jon Hock (drums) inherited a pair of used drum sticks from his oldest brother, and started tapping along to a variety of music (thanks to four older sisters who played virtually every musical and movie soundtrack from the 50s and 60s, along with an amazing range of music that included everything from Dean Martin and Sarah Vaughan to Elvis and Chopin). Soon he was accompanying a local jazz guitar teacher and finally got a full drum set at age 14. Along with the MMQ, Jon has played drums or percussion with bands including Janet Davis & The Velvet Living Room, the Wilshire Wind Symphony, and the Heritage Brass Band.

Graham Eubanks (bass) graduated with a Bachelor of Music in double bass performance from Rice University in 2008. Over the last few years, he has been active as a professional jazz and classical bassist and private lesson teacher in the Dallas area, regularly performing with the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra and other groups. Graham is also a 2012 Master of Divinity graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary and is involved in youth, young adult, and music ministry at Trinity Presbyterian Church in his native Plano.

A few of the musicians who join us as subs from time to time: Robert Aberg (guitar), HyuNeil Lee (guitar), Rick Johnson (piano), Mike Garvey (piano), Bill Sallee (bass), Bill Sleeper (drums), Stanton Zeff (drums), Phillip Potter (drums)